The Speculum Presentis
Basic Information
Type Mirror, Enchanted Object
Magic Demas
Enchanters Lord Capio Maurus Caratacus, Queen Dema-Tenebraria Cinera Polaris
Year Created 1075 d.A.A.
Owners Prince Bernas Arcadius Polaris, Silvana Nix Ruber, Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus

The Speculum Presentis is a golden hand mirror that allows users to see anyone or anyplace they wish as it exists at the present moment, given that they have seen that person or place at least once before.

Appearance Edit

The Speculum Presentis is about 12 inches in length and 7 inches wide at its widest point. It is made of gold, and the backing is engraved with the royal seal of the Polaris family--a roaring bear's head amidst hazel trees with a crown over the bear's head. Into the glass is etched the name of the mirror.

Magic Edit

The Speculum Presentis is enchanted with Demas magic, and it allows the user to see whatever they request as long as they have seen it once before themselves. The mirror for some odd reason prefers the use of rhyme when a request is being made, but it desperate circumstances it will work without a rhyme. When activated, the mirror's glass fogs before clearing to reveal the requested image. The mirror also allows the user to hear what it going on in a given scene. When inserted into the psychomanteum, the mirror allows the user to be surrounded by the image as though they were actually present in the scene, though they cannot interact with the events.

Origin Edit

The Speculum Presentis was created by Queen Dema-Tenebraria Cinera Polaris and Lord Capio Maurus Caratacus in the year 1075 d.A.A. Queen Cinera transferred her ability to see the present into the mirror, so she could not use it again herself. The mirror has a sister, the Speculum Memorias, which contains the queen's ability to see the past. The mirrors were created as an attempt to prevent the Tenebrari from capturing Cinera and being able to use her magic against those she loved.

Ownership Edit

The Speculum Presentis was kept in the lost castle of Archland for centuries until Prince Arcadius felt that their safety there was threatened. Following a prophecy to Seneca, he entrusted the Speculum Presentis to Silvana Nix Ruber, while the Speculum Memorias was given to her sister, Jovana Rosa Ruber. Nix kept the mirror for years, but when she left for Solharena the mirror stayed in safekeeping with her mother, Silvana Leta Ruber. After Nix returned and was forced to become queen, she was determined to keep it out of the hands of the Tenebrari by burying beneath the Aetas Tree of her niece, Jovana Nevea Alba. The mirror stayed there for sixteen years until Nevea's Aetas Tree burned down and the mirror was discovered by Nix's daughter, Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus. It has remained in Pomona's possession ever since.