"Pomona and Tal, thought unrelated by blood, were part of the same magical clan, the Silvanus clan.  Their magic over plant life made them excellent gardeners, but it also made them extremely sensitive to the needs of the flora."


Names ==

  • Clan Name: Silvanus
  • Masculine Form: Silvanus
  • Feminine Form: Silvana
  • Gender Neutral Form: Silvan
  • Plural: Silvani
  • Adjective: Silvanian


Silvani gain control over plant life by listening to hear the plant's name in the language of magic.  Once they know this name, they can cause plantlife to grow rapidly, move in any direction, or repair itself from damage.  They are remarkable gardeners as a result.  They are also very aware of natural surroundings, the change of seasons, and other affects of the natural world.


Because Silvani are so widespread, no set of features suits the entire clan.  The greatest number of Silvani living east of the desert, however, tend to have ruddy skin and blond or brown hair.  Green eyes are a common feature.  They tend to be short and broad-shouldered as well.


The Silvanus clan is found everywhere throughout Archland except the midst of the western desert.  However, they are also found all along the coast as well as the central mountains and forests.  


The Silvanus clan has remained consistent throughout its entire history.  They tend to keep to themselves and their work and don't care to get involved in political affairs.  Unlike many other clans, Silvani do not form large communities exclusively for their own clans.  Silvani find employment on large estates or inhabit their own homesteads as farmers, which is why they are the most widespread of any of the twelve clans.

Religion Edit

Undecim Edit

In Undecim, the god of the Silvanus family is Nemus, but few Silvani actually worship him. Those that do usually live in Southarchland.

Verafidei Edit

The Silvani family is the clan most likely to follow Verafidei because of their commitment to tradition and communicating cultural values over time. As such, they have been able to preserve the worship of the High King in a way that other clans have not.

Aevitas Edit

Those Silvani that do not practice Verafidei practice Aevitas, especially in Norarchland. They are the most valued clan in that religion, so it certainly has its appeal for them. Only Silvani are allowed to hold positions of spiritual leadership with Aevitas.

Notable MembersEdit