Silvana Leta Ruber
Basic Information
Name Silvana Leta (Fabera) Ruber
Alias Princess Silvana Primrose Aurelia
Titles Princess of Norarchland, Princess of Solharena
Age 55 (deceased)
Birth April 3rd, 465 P.T.
Sex Female
Gender Cisgender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation Heteroromantic
Biographical Information
Clan Silvanus
Ethnicity Scelesti
Languages Norarchlander, Solharian
Birthplace Artorius, Norarchland
Homeland Norarchland
Enneagram Unknown
Physical Description
Height 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Long, wavy, blonde
Eyes Blue
Skin Pale
Markings N/A

Mother Queen Silvana Oriana (Netricia) Aurelia of Norarchland
Father King Jovas Creon Aurelius of Norarchland
Siblings Queen Jovana Anthea Aurelia (half-sister) of Norarchland
Spouse Prince Levias Cassian Ruber of Solharena
Children Silvana Rosa Ruber, Silvana Nix Ruber
Maternal Grandparents Unknown
Paternal Grandparents Unknown
Other Levias Arion Decus, Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus, Jovana Nevea Alba (grandchildren)
Books Unknown

Silvana Leta Ruber, born Princess Silvana Primrose Aurelia, is the mother of Silvana Nix Ruber and the grandmother of Leviana-Silvana Pomona, Levias Arion Decus, and Jovana Nevea Alba. She is a princess by birth and by marriage, though she lived as a princess for a very short time in her life.

Appearance Edit

Leta has her mother's golden hair and her father's blue eyes, and she looked nothing like her adopted father, the Solharian Ianus. She is pale and slender with soft pink lips and a gentle face. As she aged she gained weight and her golden hair acquired streaks of silver, but no matter what age she has always been considered very pretty.

Personality Edit

Leta is brave and daring, a determined problem-solver. She certainly enjoys being alone and being close with her family, but if either her security or the security of her family is threatened, she will act without question. She is very resilient and is one of the few people who ever crossed the Solharian desert on her own. Nothing exceeds her commitment to her family. No matter what heartache she goes through, she is always willing to buckle down and press on. She can get fiery when she is angry and is never afraid to speak her mind. She is organized and thoughtful, though also impulsive at times.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Leta was born in Artorius, Norarchland to Queen Silvana Oriana Netricia and King Jovas Creon Aurelius. Her mother had been a miller's daughter who had bargained with a Tenebrarius. She had bargained away her firstborn child, Primrose. Terrified, Queen Oriana summoned the man to whom she had once been betrothed and asked him to take her away and raise her as his own. This man, a foreigner named Levias Ianus Faber agreed despite the emotional pain it caused him. He renamed Primrose 'Leta' and raised her in Seneca with great love, teaching her the Solharian language as she grew.

Solharena Edit

When Leta was 17, Ianus died. He had lamented to her that he had been unable to travel back to Solharena to see his family again, so when she was on her own Leta determined that she would do it for him. She set out and traveled across Norarchland to the edge of the desert, and she skirted along it's southern edge until she reached the stony coast. She traveled up the coast until she was almost near the capital city before she was caught in a terrible tropical storm. She was greatly injured and was found by locals, who brought her to the palace. The royal family took her in when they realized that she could not remember who she was. She looked foreign, but she knew their language. Leta was determined to regain her memories, and Cassian, the prince, helped her along the way.

Eventually, Leta and Cassian fell in love, despite the many attempts of one of Cassian's friends, Delia, to intervene. Cassian's mother was reluctant to allow Cassian to marry Leta, because she was a foreigner and not a princess. Leta informed them that she was in fact a princess, but Cassian's mother wanted to test it. She was given a small diamond the size of a pea by Delia and placed it under dozens of mattresses. Only a princess, she thought, would be able to tell that the diamond was there.

Of course, the diamond was not just an ordinary diamond, but the Adamas Animarum, and its magical properties interfered with Leta's sleep all night. When she awoke and discovered the diamond, the queen allowed her to marry Cassian. Delia disappeared after the wedding, and it was some time before Leta would see her again.

Cassian and Leta had twin daughters, whom they named Nix and Rosa after the roses that Leta grew to remind her of her childhood home. Unfortunately, when the children were only a year old, the palace was attacked by the rival claimants to the throne. The palace was destroyed and Cassian was killed, but with the help of Delia, who had returned as a Filiaera, Leta, Nix, and Rosa escaped. Leta took them back across the desert to where she had grown up to protect them from the dangers of being royalty. She then raised her children as she had been raised, with Delia beside her to protect them.

Norarchland Edit

Throughout her life, Leta had feared that the Tenebrari would find her and claim her, so she was always very careful to avoid detection. Unfortunately, this did not last. When her daughters were seventeen, a messenger from the royal family came to inform her that, since her older half-sister, Queen Anthea, had died, she was next in line for the throne. Furious that her family would only contact her now after decades without word, Leta refused. Her daughter Rosa, however, angry that her mother had kept their royal heritage a secret, agreed to go in their place. Leta managed to make her promise to change her name. Not long after, Nix left home too, traveling to Solharena to find out the state of her birth nation. She did not return for almost ten years, and during that time Leta lived alone with Delia by her side. When Nix finally did return, she had two children, and they lived with Leta for two years.

When the youngest child, Pomona, was eighteen months old, she was cursed by dark magic. A very short time later, the royal messenger came again and informed them that Rosa had died, but the king did not want anyone to know. He ordered Nix come and take his wife's place. Nix initially refused, but when the king threatened her children, she acquiesced. Arion escaped in the chaos, but Leta moved to Artorius with her daughter and granddaughter in order to watch over Pomona. There she took a position as Head Gardener and raised Pomona within the walls of the garden, teaching her the ways of the Silvanus clan. When Pomona was eight, Leta caught a pneumonic illness and died before getting the chance to tell Pomona the truth about her mother.