Seneca is a province in Norarchland.  The province borders the province of Nicator in the north, the province of Plutarch the northwest, the province of Ocyrhoe in the west, the province of Urte in the south, and the province of Carmel in the southeast.  Seneca is home to one of the thickest parts of the forest in Norarchland, and travel through it is confusing. People there keep to themselves outside of what is necessary for trade.

History Edit

Seneca's relative obscurity have kept it out of the limelight throughout most of its history. It did resist the attempts of King Procopius to unite the provinces of Norarchland under one flag, but its efforts were small compared to its neighbors. Most of Seneca's history is secret, as it has been known as a sanctuary for those looking to hide various pasts and people.

Geography Edit

Topography Edit

Seneca is completey made up of thick forest, stretching all the way to the banks of the the River Boreas.  the roads that wind through it are bizarre and confusing, further providing a reason for people avoiding traveling through it.

Climate Edit

Seneca has a hemiboreal climate.  It has cold, long winters with large amounts of snow.  Summers are mild and warm, but they never get especially hot. Seneca's proximity to the mountains causes rapid changes in weather, but the residents are used to this.  

Culture Edit

People in Seneca keep to themselves and mind their own business, much like their fellow countryfolk across the nation. Seneca is special, however, in that it is a place of closely-kept secrets. People have found it easy to take refuge in Seneca's forests because the people there do not ask questions, though they will still be kind and supportive to anyone who needs it. Communities were they pop up are close-knit, but the forests see many people pass through, stay, and vanish again.

Economy Edit

Most people in Seneca are millers, loggers, or hold other forest occupations.  They trade mostly with Plutarch, Carmel, Urte, and Ocyrhoe because Nicator is so isolationist.

In the Books (spoilers) Edit

Seneca was where Silvana Leta Ruber was raised by her mother's friend after her life was threatened by the Tenebrari. The denseness of the forest kept her concealed all her life. In adulthood she returned their to raise her own two daughter, Silvana Nix Ruber and Jovana Rosa Ruber after they fled a coup in Solharena. She lived here for decades. Eventually Nix returned with her children, but the family was soon forced to abandon their cottage when Nix was forced to go to Artorius to take her sister's place as queen.

Shadowskin Edit

Pomona and Nevea return to their grandmother's cottage in Seneca when Nevea is forced to flee Artorius. She chooses to stay there despite the current Tenebrarian residents, while Pomona goes to the provincial capital, Clymene, where she finds shelter with Governor Selene Magna and Capia Callisto Arquitena.