Nicator is a province in Norarchland.  The province borders the province of Cambyses in the west, the province of Artorius in the northwest, the province of Quique in the east, the province of Carmel in the southeast, the province of Seneca in the south, and the province of Plutarch in the west.  Nicator is known for being one of the most hostile provinces in Norarchland.  While most Norarchlanders are simply dismissive of outsiders, Nicatorians are openly antagonistic toward them. Most tend to avoid traveling through Nicator if they can help it.


Nicator's thick forests and isolationist attitudes have exlcuded it from many historical events, and Nicator is perfectly happy with that.  Its one moment of glory (according to the tales) is the immense effort it put forth in resisting the efforts of King Ventus Procopius Castor to unite the provinces of Norarchland under one flag.  It was joined by Artorius and the other northeastern provinces, but Nicator put up the biggest fight.  It still takes pride in the fact that it was the last province to succumb to King Procopius.



Nicator is compeltley made up of thick forest, stretching all the way to the banks of the the River Cadmus.  the roads that wind through it are bizarre and confusing, further providing a reason for people avoiding traveling through it.


Artorius has a hemiboreal climate.  It has cold, long winters with large amounts of snow.  Summers are mild and warm, but they never get especially hot.  


People in Nicator hate outsiders.  They constantly feel under threat by forces larger and more powerful than themselves, and so they will automatically threaten travelers.  Brigandry is common, and residents are likely to turn a blind eye to it.  They are fiercely defensive of their own, though.


Most people in Nicator are millers, loggers, or hold other forest occupations.  They trade mostly amongst themselves, however, and they are notorious for not paying taxes.

In the Books (spoilers)Edit


On their way back to ArtoriusGovernor Selene Magna tells Pomona that they want to avoid traveling through Nicator.  After escaping Artorius a second time, Pomona, Tal , and Arion end up passing through the province with Callisto and are ambushed by bandits.