"They are very rare and keep to themselves, living nomadic lifestyles on the tundra in the north of the kingdom.  They are Healers.  Their magic is so valuable that they were often harassed for the use of it."

--Governor Selene Magna to Pomona Decus

The Nelius clan has healing magic.  The masculine form is Nelius, the feminine is Nelia, and the plural is Nelii (pron. neel-ee-eye).  The adjective form is Nelian​.


The Nelius family has healing abilities, but the use of the magic typically comes with a cost.  Most often, the caster of the spell must remain silent for the duration of or for a period of time after the spell is cast.  

Nelii can either heal directly or indirectly.  Indirect healing magic requires an object that will then be given to the afflicted for their healing.  Examples include magic being applied to fruit, clothing, or water.


It is difficult to ascribe any particular feature to Nelii.  Such features typically depend on each sub-clan's location.  For example, the sub-clan living in the tundra of Norarchland are tan with single-lidded eyes with a variety of hair colors including blonde.  Members of the sub-clan from the Fortunate Isles, however, usually possess dark hair and a wide range of skin tones.  


Because of their highly desirable magic, the Nelii isolated themselves in small communities generations ago.  There is a known nomadic family in the tundras of Norarchland and Vallonia and another on the Fortunate Isles off the coast of Solharena.  No other colonies are known, but they exist in pockets all throughout Archland.


The Nelius family was esteemed for their magic and they were initially generous with their abilities.  Unfortunately, they were taken advantage of over time and were pursued for their healing even when they made it clear that it was not as readily available as it once had been.  As a clan, they made the decision to divide and separate themselves from the main population of Archland.  They are still happy for provide healing for those who will find them to seek it, but hiding themselves has prevented them from being abused every time someone received a small injury.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Nelia-Nereana Aedon Caratacus
  • Princess Nelia Divalia Cygna