Levias Viator Decus
Basic Information
Name Levias Viator Decus
Alias Solitarios, Adflictus,
Titles King of Solharena
Age 47
Birth 483 P.T.
Sex Male
Gender Maritus
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation Heteroromantic
Biographical Information
Clan Levias
Ethnicity Prima
Languages Solharian, Norarchlander
Birthplace Solharena
Homeland Solharena
Enneagram Unknown
Physical Description
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 207 lbs.
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Brown
Markings Multiple tattoos signifying his identity

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Leviana Arenam Decus
Spouse Silvana Nix Ruber, Capia Anancita Gaza
Children Levias Arion Decus, Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus, Leviana Clara Decus
Maternal Grandparents Unknown
Paternal Grandparents Unknown
Other Unknown
Books Unknown

Levias Viator Decus is the father of Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus and Levias Arion Decus, the husband of Silvana Nix Ruber and the present King of Solharena.

Appearance Edit

Viator has brown skin, hair, and eyes. His hair used to be intricately braided as per Prima custom, but now he wears it loose to his jawline, which is adorned with a beard. He is covered in tattoos all over his body, each tattoo symbolizing an aspect of his identity. However, because there is such prejudice against the Prima people, he keeps all visible tattoos on his hands and face covered by makeup. He is a tall, broad man, but his quiet personality prevents him from seeming intimidating.

Personality Edit

Viator is a very warm and loving man, and family is extremely important to him. He used to be jovial, but since the loss of his first wife and son, he has been plagued by chronic bipolar depression. He became more easily persuaded whereas he had previously had a strong will, and this is what led him to being crowned king. It was not a position he wanted, but he did not have the energy to fight against it. He did attempt to fight against remarrying, but Anancita managed to earn his trust and he agreed. Sometimes Viator's depression is physically debilitating and he stays in his room for days, leaving the running of the country in the hands of his wife (who shrewdly keeps the control away from the advisors).

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Viator was born among a caravan of Prima in the Solharian desert. His father was one of the leaders of the tribe, and Viator had a loving upbringing in the Prima culture. With every personality trait or physical feature he developed, he received another tattoo and another name. (In the Prima culture, no person has only one name--they have many, though one may be preferred for convenience. Other names Viator possessed are Adflictus, Solitarios, Brunneis, and Filius-Ducis). He chose his gender, maritus, in his Maturation Ceremony and was trained in leadership skills by his father.

Young Adulthood Edit

When Viator was 19, a strange woman arrived in the midst of their caravan. She was incredibly pale, though she had ebony black hair. She was Silvana Nix Ruber, and she claimed to be the daughter of the deposed Prince Cassian. This was good news for the Prima, for the current regime endorsed persecution against them. Nix claimed that she had no desire for the throne. She revealed secretly to Viator that she possessed what she thought was the Adamas Animarum, and she kept the small diamond hidden in a white rose that she carried with her. As the only Silvana in the region, she alone could access it. Viator and Nix soon fell in love and were wed. The following year they had their first son, Levias Arion Decus.

They lived together happily for years, though the persecution against the Prima intensified. Eventually, word of Nix's existence and heritage spread because someone shared information they shouldn't have. The caravan was attacked. Viator, Nix, and Arion were separated from the tribe and pursued into a sandstorm, where they lost each other. Viator survived and managed to make it back to the caravan, but despite months of searching, his family was never recovered.

Adulthood Edit

Five years later, in the midst of depression, Viator's family was contacted by a representative of the old regime, informing them that the king had died and left no heir. In order to ensure the legitimacy of the royal family, it was necessary to unite a Prima with a member of the Libertorum. Viator was introduced to Anancita. He had no desire to even meet her, but when she introduced herself, white rose petals and diamonds fell from her lips because of an enchantment that had been placed on her years earlier. Viator took the white rose petals and the diamonds as a sign that the union was blessed by his long-lost wife, and he agreed to the arrangement. He became King of Solharena. Unfortunately, the regime only wanted the legitimacy of his blood, not the richness of his culture. He was forced to keep his tattoos covered and forbidden to contact his family again. Anancita was good to him and made him happy; eventually they had a girl named Clara together. However, Viator is only a shadow of his former self and it is unclear what the proper treatment is.