"It is the Levias family.  Their magic involves light and darkness, and it is one of the most powerful kinds of magic in the world.  Those who can use it arevery limited, and all but two of them live in Solharena."

--Governor Selene Magna to Pomona Decus


The Levias family can control light and darkness in its various forms.  Some Leviani can only control light or darkness, but the strongest can control both.  

Light AbilitiesEdit

Leviani magic dealing with light takes many forms, from conjuring light displays to setting off flares to conjuring weapons of light.  Most of these spells have a limited lifespan, but they can be incredibly powerful.

Darkness AbilitiesEdit

Spells over darkness are more discrete than light spells.  The darkness magic cast by Leviani does not destroy--its primary function is to conceal.  Casters can disguise themselves or others in the shadows, see in the pitch black, or observe from great distances by listening or seeing through shadows a long distance off.  


In general, people of the Levias clan have dark brown or black hair and skin tones ranging from tan to black.  Eyes vary in color from hazel to dark brown.  These features are typical of Leviani living in Solharena, but before they lived exclusively in the desert Leviani also possessed lighter features.  Queen Helena, for example, had lighter skin and blonde hair, though she possessed the characteristic dark eyes of the Levias clan.


The Levias family once was spread all over Archland, but by the time the Torrent came most had moved across the western desert to establish the nation of Solharena.  It is very rare to meet a Levias east of the desert.


The Levias family tracks their heritage back to the first queen, Leviana Helena Polaris.  After Helena and her husband defeated the Tenebrari, they established that the spiritual leadership of the nation would be placed in the hands of the Leviani, descendants of Helena's daughters, Ursula and Berengaria.  Most of the initial settlers of Solharena were descendants of Berengaria and were known as Libertorum.  After the Torrent, surviving descendants of Ursula, known as the Reliquia, also came to Solharena.  Power struggles persist between the two groups.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Grand Queen Leviana Helena Polaris
  • Princess Leviana Ursula Polaris
  • Princess Leviana Berengaria Polaris
  • Prince Levias Cassian Ruber
  • King Levias Viator Decus
  • Levias Arion Decus
  • Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus