"I can hear all animals, but I can't control all of them.  I can only control the ones that trust me enough to tell me their hidden names."

--Princess Nevea to Pomona Decus

The Jovas clan has animal magic.  The masculine form is Jovas, the feminine is Jovana, and the plural is Jovani.  The adjective form is Jovanian.


The Jovani have animal magic, which involves communicating with and controlling wildlife.  Communication takes different forms: it can be telepathic, or the user can physically speak an animal's language.  Control is reserved for those who are highly trained in their magic, because it requires a very close connection with an animal.  Control can also be limited; some casters can merely make strong suggestions to an animal, which is more common, while the most powerful Jovani have earned an animal's unquestioning obedience.  


Jovani are closely related to Silvani in terms of distinguishing features.  They possess complexions from pale to ruddy, and the most common hair color is brown followed by blond.  Blue and hazel are common eye colors.


Jovani are not as widespread as Silvani; they primarily inhabit the north and east and are less common in the south.  There may be a few Jovani on the other side of the desert, but this has never been confirmed.  


The Jovani were a prominent part in the battle against the Tenebrari led by Queen Helena and King Artorius.  They earned a valuable position in the royal court following that time, and this instilled in the Jovani a sense of entitlement and a desire for political success.  After the Torrent they were scattered to the north and east and lost a great deal of power, but some managed to cling on and form a royal line in Norarchland.

Notable MembersEdit