Jovana Nevea Alba
Basic Information
Name Crown Princess Jovana Nevea Alba
Alias Unknown
Titles Crown Princess of Norarchland
Age Unknown
Birth September 21st, 513 P.T.
Sex Female
Gender Cisgender Female
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Romantic Orientation Demiheteroromantic
Biographical Information
Clan Jovas
Ethnicity Scelesti, Libertorum, Prima
Languages Norarchlander, Southarchlander, Vallonian
Birthplace Royal Palace, Artorius, Norarchland
Homeland Norarchland
MBTI Unknown
Enneagram Unknown
Physical Description
Height 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Straight, thin, ebony black
Eyes Ice blue
Skin Pale
Markings Unknown

Mother Jovana Rosa Ruber
Father King Ventus Marius Albus
Siblings N/A
Spouse Prince Demas Hadrian Sophus of Southarchland (betrothed)
Children N/A
Maternal Grandparents Princess Silvana Leta Ruber, Prince Levias Cassian Ruber of Solharena
Paternal Grandparents Unknown
Other Silvana Nix Ruber (aunt); Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus and Levias Arion Decus (cousins);
Books A Girl in Shadows Clothed
"Nevea’s eyes narrowed when she saw Pomona.  She did not ask what Pomona was doing or where she was going, but simply looked her up and down the way a wolf examines her prey before she turned and walked away."


Jovana Nevea Alba is a character in Shadowskin. She is the daughter of Queen Jovana Demetra Alba and King Ventus Marius Albus.  She is the next in line to the throne of Norarchland and she was betrothed at a young age to Crown Prince Demas Hadrian Sophus of Southarchland. She becomes entwined in the plot of the Tenebrari and must fight to stay alive amidst their many plots against her.


Nevea has pale skin that is often called snow-white, and this ideal porcelain skin-tone makes her very attractive by Norarchlandian standards.  She has long ebony black hair that she normally wears braided.  Such a shade of hair is unusual in Norarchland, and this adds an elements of the mysterious to her beauty.  She has a heart-shaped face with a delicate chin and nose.  Her lips are small and have a naturally reddish tint to them.  Her eyes are a light blue color that she inherited from her grandmother.  She is average height, standing about 5 ft. 4 in.  She


Princess Nevea is desperate to be loved.  After her father died, she did not find comfort in her mother.  This left her vulnerable to the manipulations of the Tenebrari, who earned her unfailing trust.  Princess Nevea keeps her emotions tightly locked, but when she is angry she can be frightening.  Her icy exterior has made it difficult for others to feel comfortable around her, and this has made her companionship problem worse.  Princess Nevea is very booksmart, but she can also be very gullible, naive, and stubborn.  She's also determined, however, and she is a survivor despite her privileged upbringing.  She is adaptable and she also has an unexpected skill in sneaking around and learning information that most people don't come upon.   According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, she would be an ESTJ.


Early LifeEdit

Crown Princess Jovana Nevea Alba was born in Artorius, Norarchland on September 21st, 513 Post-Torrentum. Her Aetas Tree was planted in the royal gardens and her birth was celebrated across the kingdom.  It was clear in her youth that she inherited her mother's Jovana magic.  When Nevea was eighteen months old, her mother became suddenly ill with a coughing sickness.  She made a remarkable recovery, but her behavior changed afterward.  She became more reserved and was less engaged with Nevea.  Nevea clung to her father, who coddled and spoiled her until he died when she was nine years old.  At the age of twelve, she was betrothed to Crown Prince Demas Hadrian Sophus of Southarchland.  

Shadowskin (Spoilers)Edit

When Nevea is eighteen, her Aetas Tree catches fire in the middle of the night and burns up, despite the best efforts of the garden workers to save it.  The death of one's Aetas Tree is a bad omen, and Nevea is kept under watch at almost every moment afterward.  Her most frequent watcher is Indonata Claudia Lexa, a girl whom Nevea tries to sneak away from at every opportunity.  Nevea is upset by her mother's distance in the wake of the tragedy, and she reads her mother's diaries to try and find out the reason.  She learns a devastating truth; Queen Demetra is not really her mother, but her aunt, Silvana Nix Decus, the mother of the garden worker Silvana Pomona Decus.  Her real mother died when Nevea was two, and everyone has been lying to her ever since.  Bitter, she resents Pomona and the queen alike.  When Pomona asks Nevea why she is upset with the queen, she spitefully tells Pomona to ask her mother (whom Pomona believes to be dead).  This leads to Pomona discovering the truth, as well.  

Life goes on almost as normal for Nevea.  Her betrothal to the prince of Southarchland is finalized.  She is annoyed by Claudia and her other guardians, but most of her irritation comes from learning the truth about her mother.  She confides in her most trusted advisor, Lord Appius Tenebrarius, but she doesn't know that he has plotted to have the queen order her death.  Nevea is taken across the River Cadmus by a servant who has been ordered to kill her.  He almost succeeds, but Pomona, who has learned of the plot, intervenes and saves her with the help of Nereana Delia Pisciscauda , a Filiaera.  Pomona, Nevea, Delia, and Pomona's horse Arion escape into the forest, determined to survive with the use of Pomona's Silvana magic and Nevea's Jovana magic.  They travel for seven days until Delia locates their grandmother's former home.  Unfortunately, they discover that the place is now inhabited by Tenebrari.  Nevea is unaware of the Tenebrari's involvement in the murder plot, and she doesn't believe Pomona when she is told.  She chooses to stay with the Tenebrari while Pomona escapes.

Nevea lives somewhat comfortably among the Tenebrari.  They give her shelter in return for her cooking and cleaning services.  Initially, these are abysmal, but she improves over time and even begins to like the isolation of the forest.  The Tenebrari only inhabit the cottage at night and Nevea is left on her own during the day.  She secretly writes to her betrothed about her situation, and he promises to come retrieve her and take her to Southarchland.  One day Nevea is visited by a peddler woman who sells her a beautiful golden comb.  Attracted to it and reminded of home, Nevea purchases it and wears it.  Delia is suspicious of the comb and fetches Pomona, who arrives just on time to save Nevea from the nightshade poisoning caused by the comb.  Pomona barely manages to escape before the Tenebrari return.  Nevea is told when she wakes up that the Tenebrari were the ones who saved her.  She cannot remember Pomona's involvement. 

Nevea continues to live on her own, though she is unsettled by her near-poisoning.  She is completely convicned that Queen Demetra is responsible and still wants her dead.  In reality, the comb was the doing of the Tenebrari.  Pomona returns to visit Nevea during the day to tell her the truth about the Tenebrari, but Nevea still doesn't believe her.  She is suddenly visited by Claudia, who claims that she has brought Nevea some comforts of home, including a lovely corset.  Delia and Pomona try to warn her not to wear it, but she doesn't listen.  She is nearly suffocated and Claudia escapes.  When Pomona revives her, she gets another chance to explain the Tenebrari's plot, and this new occurrence gives Nevea more reason to believe her.  The two girls part as allies.  

A few days later Pomona sends Delia to Nevea to ask if she would be willing to play a trick on the Tenebrari.  After hearing the plan, Nevea nervously agrees.  Pomona comes and the two girls act as though there is no plan and that Nevea has not been in contact with her.  Pomona gives Nevea the last fruit from her Aetas Tree and then uses her curse on Nevea, letting go just before Nevea is killed.  She is instead placed in a deathlike state.  While she is asleep, Prince Hadrian arrives and believes she is dead.  He takes her body back to Alcmena, the capital of Southarchland.  There, Nevea is revived by Nelia Tacita Parmena, Hadrian's sister-in-law.  She and Pomona explain the situation to Hadrian, and they plan to marry soon.  Nevea even invites Queen Demetra so that they may reconcile their relationship.

Not long after, however, the Tenebrari locate Nevea in Southarchland.  Lord Appius ambushes her and curses her, switching her body with that of a servant girl, Indonata Rena Delusa.  The servant girl then takes her place at the wedding.  By Appius's command, Rena orders Queen Demetra executed.  Nevea locates Tal, who has come south with the queen, and helps him get Pomona out of the dungeons.  She sends Pomona off with Tal and Arion and she plans to stay in Alcmena in the hopes of eventually getting her body back.


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  • Queen Silvana Oriana [Netricia] Aurelia (great-grandmother)
  • King Jovas Creon Aurelius (great-grandfather)
  • Princess Silvana Primrose "Leta" [Aurelia] Ruber (grandmother)
  • Prince Levias Cassian Ruber (grandfather)
  • Queen Jovana Rosa "Demetra" [Ruber] Alba (mother)
  • King Ventus Marius Albus (father)
  • Silvana Nix [Ruber] Decus (aunt)
  • Levias Viator Decus (uncle)
  • Levias Arion Decus (cousin)
  • Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus (cousin)