East of the Sun and West of the Moon is the name of the afterlife in the traditional religion in Archland.  It is said to be the land of the High King of Archland, who is the creator of Archland and of magic.  The land East of the Sun and West of the Moon cannot be reached by any natural means, but the story surrounding Grand King Artorius Bernas Polaris claims that there was a time when the Tenebrari attempted to breach its borders.

The War of the BearsEdit

As the story goes, Artorius Bernas was said to be the most powerful Bernas to live since creation.  It was said that he could open the way to the High King's land and would use this magic to defeat evil in the land.  The ruling Tenebrari at the time feared his magic, so they cursed him to take the form of a white bear.  He could only be freed if the dark magic perpetuating his curse was destroyed by a Leviana.  Artorius searched far and wide for the woman who would save him, and he soon found a peasant girl, Leviana Helena Sutora, living in what is now Spes, Norarchland.  He took her to his palace. but he was forbidden to tell her who he was.  

When King Tenebrarius Ulysses learned that he had found a woman who might break the spell, he complicated the matter for Artorius.  She must not see his human face before she broke the spell, if she broke the spell.  If this condition was not met, Artorius must use his Bernas magic to transport the Tenebrari East of the Sun and West of the Moon, where they would wage war against the High King.  Unfortunately, Helena used her magic to look upon Artorius's face in the night, and he was taken away by the Tenebrari to fulfill his end of the bargain.  Helena, realizing what had happened, then set out all across Archland to gather an army that could keep the Tenebrari from reaching the High King.  She succeeded and set Artorius free.  Together, they routed the Tenebrari in what is now known as the War of the Bears.  They became the rulers over Archland and ushered in the Golden Age.