"My abilities as a Demas, seeing things beyond what human eyes are meant to see, have led me . . . my visions of the past, present, and very, very rarely the future allow me to see who will play an important role in the fall of the Tenebrari."

--Selene Magna to Pomona Decus

The Demas clan has magic of the mind.  The masculine form is Demas, the feminine is Dema, and the plural is Demasi.  The adjective form is Demian​.


The Demas clan consists of seers of varying kinds.  Some can only see the past, some can only see the present, and very few can see the future.  Most of the time, visions must be prompted by an object belonging to the person for whom they are scrying.  This tactile requirement prevents Demasi from viewing anything they want at any time.  The more powerful a Dema, the more they can observe with their magic.


Dema are the second-most widespread clan of the Twelve.  They come in all shapes, colors, and builds, so they are difficult to identify by appearance.  This suits them well, as it prevents them from being hounded for a vision when one cannot tell them apart from the crowd.  One feature that does appear often is light grey eyes, but even this is not a guarantee.


It is said that the Demasi are the second-most widespread clan after the Silvani, but this is difficult to verify because most Demasi tend to keep their abilities to themselves.  The nation with the highest population of Demasi is Southarchland.  The throne is currently held by a family of Demasi.  


The Demasi have a long and complicated history.  Like the Nelius clan, their magic was desirable.  Unlike the Nelii, who isolated themselves, the Demasi became more shrewd, charging money for the use of their magic and using their knowledge to secure positions for themselves in society.  Some Demasi tried to use their magic for the good of the people and tried to prevent disasters or the invason of enemies.  The most trusted advisors to the royal family were often Demasi.  

The fate of the Demasi clan became closely entwined with the fate of Archland when it was foretold that a great queen would be a Dema.  This proved to be true, but the Torrent came shortly thereafter and the Demasi were greatly disappointed.  They maintained a good deal of control in Southarchland, but they never again saw the amount of power they possessed when Queen Dema Cinera Polaris was on the throne.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Venatrix Dema Idothea Arquitena
  • Lady Dema Alexandra Arquitena 
  • Queen Dema Cinera Bastian
  • Princess Dema Coryla Polaris
  • Princess Dema-Cepha Laelia Cygna
  • Prince Demas Hadrian Sophus