Clymene is the provincial capital of Seneca, Norarchland, located in the eastern part of the province.  Clymene is a very small town in the middle of a vast forest, and it is very difficult to locate.  Nevertheless, it is a crucial stopping point for anyone attempting to make a long journey through the forest.


Founding Edit

Clymene did not arise as a settlement until after the Torrent.  It began as a logging and milling community, and while those businesses still exist, Clymene is primarily supported by its inns and small market, which is habited by traveling merchants.  Clymene is not a desirable location for many seeking to have power, so sometimes it has difficulty maintaing or acquiring governors.  They do not have very strict requirements for those seeking to lead.  As such, it was relatively easy for Dema Selene Magna to become the governor of Seneca in 525 P.T.  Because residents of Clymene like to mind their own business, no one cared when she chose not to live in the gubernatorial mansion and chose a smaller house instead.  



The town of Clymene sits in the middle of a dense forest nestled in the foothills of the Archland Mountains.  It has a high wall surrounding the town with a gate that closes promptly at sundown.  The town is oval in shape with a market square on the south side of town and the gubernatorial residence at the north edge of town.  A main road runs from the south gate.


Alcmena has a humid continental climate, featuring mild summers and long, cold winters.  Snowstorms are expected and people in Clymene regularly store up in preparation for the winter.  The influence of the mountains makes changes in weather abrupt and difficult to predict, but most residents of Clymene are always prepared for these changes.


There is a very small number of families living in Clymene.  Much of the population is transient, coming and going with trade.  Most families have one or two children, who are employed in their families' inns, pubs, or stores.  Literacy is uncommon, and the only lettered people are those who need it for business.  There is no school in Clymene.

People in Clymene, like those across Norarchland, tend to keep to themselves and mind their own business.  This makes it the perfect location for those who would rather not have their business looked into.  Quirks are ocassionally remarked upon, but no one cares much if someone is odd as long as they aren't bothering anyone.  They see many strange folks come and go and they barely bat an eyelash.


Clymene still has a mill, a blacksmith, and other trades necessary to keep a town going, but their economy is very contained.  Most of their income is brought by traders seeking a night at an inn and the small trade that goes on between residents and the traders that pass through.  Due to the difficult in accessing it, Clymene is rarely a location for hosting visiting governors; if any state business needs to be addressed, the governor of Seneca will typically do the travelling rather than invite their colleagues to Clymene.

In the Books (spoilers)Edit


Clymene is where Leviana-Silvana Pomona Decus takes shelter after she resuces Princess Jovana Nevea Alba and leaves her in a cottage not far from Clymene.  While lost in the woods, Pomona is found by Governor Dema Selene Magna, who offers Pomona residence in her home.  The governor proves to be an excellent ally to Pomona and seeks to help her defeat the Tenebrari.  She teaches Pomona how to read and supports her efforts to protect the pricness.  A few months after Pomona arrives, the Tenebrari attack and set fire to the town, hoping to destroy Pomona's allies.  The governor, her companion Capia Callisto Arquitena, and some of their supplies make it out.  The town is not completely burned down, but significant damage to the north end of town is suffered.