Welcome to the Archland WikiEdit

A wiki dedicated to the world of Archland, which appears in Bethany Cassel's fairy tale retelling "Shadowskin" and its upcoming sequels.  Archland is a world of magic, and you can explore it here!  Spoilers for the series are marked where possible, but browse with caution!



Cursed with a deadly touch at a young age, Pomona never thought she would leave the royal gardens of Norarchland, where she uses her magic over plant life to make the gardens flourish. But when she discovers a magic mirror beneath the roots of an apple tree, she learns a horrifying truth: the life of the beautiful Princess Nevea is in danger, and Pomona is the only one who can save her. 

Deep in the forest, the princess takes shelter with seven short and magical men—Tenebrari who are responsible for Pomona’s curse and may be more involved in the threat on the princess’s life than they reveal. Pomona is taken in by the mysterious Selene Magna and her huntress companion, Callisto, who claim that the Tenebrari are trying to conquer all the kingdoms of Archland and that Pomona will play an important role in their defeat. Pomona must now embark on a journey far beyond her imagination to save the kingdom, or else she and all those she cares about will be cursed forever.